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      CHIU LUEN METAL WORKS company limited was founded in 1979 by our Managing Director-Mr.Mo Chi Sing.Our quality products and services have been brought to every part of the world by virtue of more than 40 years experiences and our commitment to quality as well as customer satisfaction.We proudly stand behind a large number of worldly named brands.CHIU LUEN METAL WORKS Company Limited is the most historic tin can manufacturer in HongKong.                                

      Our products can be mainly categorized into two different groups:OEM products and new product development.Since we have successfully set up our production site in China and all of our equipment from tinplate printing,proofing machines,mold design and development,assembly and packaging equipment are wholly owned by our company,so that we are capable to generate more innovative designs and large product varieties.Furthermore,in accordance with our experience in gift&premiums and packaging that enables us to cooperate with the big names,for examples:Caca-Cola,Burger King,McDonald's,Kraft foods,Fackelman,Hallmark,Top Choice,Gift 10...etc.          
       Also we delicate our efforts in social accountability in light of the recognition of Code of Conduct(COC) is arising among the whole industry for many years.In the year 2003,our management system has achieved ISO9000:2001 certification.Moreover the way that we can work with different brands around the world shows we can satisfy their  stringent requirements,with these strengths we're not only providing  greater confidence to our customers,but also maintaining our products quality by efficient and effective management system.

      because we focus on quality, we hired some professional testing engineers and some advanced test equipment,so that we can make the various simulation test by ourselves.To ensure all of our products can meet internationally standards.Those tests included physics test, durability test and transformation test.Therefore we have confidence and promise our material can conform to the United States ASTM and Europe EN71 standard.     

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